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Business Travel Advisories for Travel Managers

Business Travel Advisories for Travel Managers

For the latest COVID-19 related and other travel advisories, please visit Egencia Travel Advisor to find out what you need to know to help your travelers prepare to travel.

An important part of helping travelers return to travel is ensuring they feel confident about getting back on the road. Travel Managers can increase travelers’ confidence in their well-being by helping ensure they are well informed about the new travel landscape. 

COVID-19 and other travel regulations and policies 

Having access to up-to-date COVID-related travel advisories ensures you are equipped to show your travelers how they can travel in the context of their well-being. Egencia Travel Advisor gives you and your travelers access to travel advisories on demand, including:

  • Country-level data – Many countries and regions have imposed travel bans and restrictions on who can enter. These restrictions can change daily, affecting decisions about booking trips.
  • Procedural information – Procedures include health, medical, safety and other standards or requirements imposed by governments, airlines and airports.
  • Directional information – Restrictions and procedures can change frequently. Knowing at a glance whether a country is tightening or loosening restrictions can help guide your travel policies.

These requirements may change frequently, so it’s best to review the information before booking and again before your travelers depart. It’s also good to keep in mind that travel restrictions can vary between states and countries.

We invite you to visit the COVID-19 Center on the Egencia Connect Community for more pandemic-related information. The Community is where you can network with other travel managers to ask questions and learn about best practices for business travel program management. There you can also gain the skills to confidently manage the added complexity of this new travel environment through Egencia’s Corporate Travel Management Training, presented by Expedia Group Academy.

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